How Digital Marketers can build effective Social Media Engagement |

How Digital Marketers can build effective Social Media Engagement

You might have jumped into the land of digital marketing and social media with so much hope and excitement that it was going to revolutionize your business. You dove right in, and now you’ve built up an audience. The question is ‘Where do you go from here?’ What you want is engagement. This involves the retweets, the likes, the shares, the comments and the feedback.

How can you make this happen?

1. Optimize your profiles to attract your target audience

Your social media profiles, whether they be on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn need to speak to the heart of your ideal buyer persona. For Twitter, ‘hashtagging’ certain keywords can aid with the discoverability of your brand. If you’re into social media marketing or email marketing for example, you can consider adding a hashtag to these words in your profile.

This will ensure that when your target audience is doing searches on social media, your brand name pops up and they can engage with you.

Upload a sharp, high-quality image of your logo or brand name and let this be consistent across all your social media assets.

2. Share content that is relevant for your niche

When people connect with you on LinkedIn or Facebook or wherever, they have an expectation of the kind of content that you will be sharing. If this expectation is being met, they will continue to engage with you.

However, if your content is irrelevant, engagement will slowly begin to decline and they might ultimately decide that there is no point in interacting with you. Provide useful, inspiring and thought-provoking content that your target audience finds useful. Content as they say is king.

3. Remember to always give before your receive

With all the ‘noise’ that social media generates, it has become extremely difficult to capture the attention of an individual for a sustained period of time. Everyone wants to be heard and almost no one wants to listen. The ‘trick’ if you’d want to call it that is to remember to give to others what you’d want to have.

If you want Facebook shares, likes and comments on your posts, network strategically with those in your niche or industry and do the same for them. If you want followers on Twitter, one of the ways to do this is by following people that share similar interests with you.

This is one sure way to ensure that others out there go out of their way to engage with the kind of content you’re putting out there.

Hopefully with the above tips, you will see increased engagement with your various audiences and find that this impacts significantly on your business objectives

How else do you think digital marketers can build engage with their audience?


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