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7 Copywriting tips for Content Marketers

We recently outlined reasons why ‘content is king’ and the importance of content in other areas of digital marketing. The question is how do you craft copy and content that is both compelling and engaging?

It is not enough to know that content is relevant in social media, email marketing or web design. It is important for digital marketers to develop copywriting skills that arrests the attention of their audience and makes them take action.

Let us examine how to do this.

Know your audience

This goes without saying but if your online copy is going to have any meaningful impact, it must resonate with your target audience.

Use an engaging headline

It is said that 8 out of 10 people read the headline of a piece of content but only 2 out 10 read the content itself. Your headline needs to be magnetic. If it’s not, you cannot arrest the attention of your audience

Write an engaging first paragraph

Always remember this: the job of every line of content is to get the next line of content read. Your headline will get them to read the first paragraph, but it’s the first paragraph that will get them to read the rest of the copy.

Use subheadings to break up the content

No one likes to read large chunks of content. It’s laborious and tiring and immediately puts off any reader. Ensure your content is broken up using relevant headlines to allow for easy scanning.

Insert images for visual impact

No matter how many times we say it, it cannot be overemphasized: a picture is worth a thousand words. What you’d have to describe using lines and lines of copy could be easily communicated using one image.

Interlink articles on your website

Articles on your website should each have at least one link to other articles. Not only does this provide SEO benefits, but it also helps with exposing your readers to more of your content.

Always end with a call to action

They’ve read your article to the end, now what? You need to funnel their attention with some kind of call-to-action. Maybe even invite them to sign up for a free ebook, drop a comment or share the article on social media. Whatever it is, always have some kind of call-to-action.

These are only tips. You must work on each of them and hone your skills until you become a content marketing expert. These tips will set you on the right course.

Got anymore tips for us? Kindly share them with us in the comments.


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