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3 Tips on Email Marketing for Mobile Devices

Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing tools today. It provides a direct means of communicating with a prospect that is free of all the clutter and noise that is more often than not associated with social media.

However, with more and more people accessing their email on their mobile devices rather than on laptops and desktop PCs, it is imperative that your emails are optimised for mobile. This is the only way you can ensure your content isn’t impeded and is flawlessly communicated to your subscribers.

So here are some tips to make that happen

1. Reduce the image file size

You can optimize your emails by using smaller image files. This will result in your emails loading quicker and faster. In addition, consider giving your subscribers the option of choosing if they’d want to receive a Text version of your email or an HTML version.

This will help to ensure that images load faster on mobile devices

2. Resize images by the proportion of the screen

In addition, ensure that you resize your images according to the proportion of the mobile screen.  This will ensure that your images fit whatever screen size your device is. In your email’s HTML editor, you’ll need to alter the style portion of the code so that your image size is defined by a proportion of the screen, not pixels.

3. Increase the size of links

Fat thumbs or not, it’s definitely harder to be precise with your finger than with a cursor. So make sure you don’t let mobile device users experience a case of the bad touch.

Don’t overdo this. As with all things, test it and tweak it. Increase the size of links just enough to accommodate users with small size fingers.

Implementing the above will get your email marketing in the right place. More than ever before, digital marketers need to be concerned about the delivery of their content across multiple platforms.

Consumers are accessing your brand through various channels. It is therefore imperative that the experience they get is seen to be seamless. Brand consistency and quality will be the name of the game.

What other tips do you know of for optimising email marketing for mobile devices? Drop us a line in the comments below.


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