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Why ‘Content is King’

If you’ve been in digital marketing circles for a while now, you’ve likely heard the statement ‘content is king’. It’s a phrase that began amongst content marketing experts but has spilled over into almost every area of digital marketing practice. From social media experts to email marketing professionals, everyone is echoing the mantra ‘content is king’.

The question is why? Why does content matter so much in how we engage with our clients and consumers in the digital space? Why is it king?

Content determines email open rate

Almost all of digital marketing requires some form of web presence. Whether it is a blog or website, there is likely a destination that you want customers and clients to arrive at when engaging with you. Being a smart digital marketer, you already understand the importance of lead generation and so you probably have a form on your site that visitors can fill so they can receive periodic updates from you.

The question is, how do you ensure that they even open your emails in the first place? You need to have a great title which means you need to have … great content in your title.

Content determines email click-through-rate

Once the email has been opened, you’re most likely going to give them one or two paragraphs of content and include a link they can click on to send them on your website for more details or information.

But how do you ensure that this link gets clicked? You do this by writing compelling content for your emails.

Content determines SEO rankings

Google is paying more and more attention to websites that try to cheat their algorithm by using all kinds of black hat SEO techniques. Its prime objective is to serve its users with relevant and valuable information.

Its advice to webmasters is to write for human beings and not for the search engine spiders.

But how do you do this? How do write information that Google considers valuable and therefore decides to rank on the first page? You can by writing compelling content on your website or blog.

Content determines social media engagement

If you’re already engaged in social media marketing on any of the major platforms, you’ll likely know that in order for you to gain the attention of people on these networks, you need to share engaging content.

In addition, Google’s ranking algorithm is placing an increased emphasis on social signals. This means the more people engage with content by sharing, liking and commenting, the higher up your rankings go.

These are just a few points illustrating the importance of content in various aspects of digital marketing. As digital marketing continues to evolve, we will continue to witness a greater focus on content marketing because it will be a key driver in all other aspects of digital. You can reach out if you need help with your content development efforts here

For what other reasons do you think content is king? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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