How to promote an event through Social Media |

How to promote an event through Social Media

Whether you have a small local gathering or a large conference, social media can be used to get the word out in a powerful way. It can help create buzz, increase exposure and even give you an idea of how well-attended the event will be.

Here are creative ways to use social media to increase your chances of organizing a great event

1. Create videos worth sharing

Because events take place in person, they engage the senses in a way online content can’t.

Creating a stellar video with great visuals and sound can not only help drive people to your event, it also increases the chances people will want to share it with friends.

With videos about your event being shared more and more, exposure for your event will soar especially if they go viral.

2. Give away tickets to create buzz

Nothing motivates people more than the opportunity to win something free! So why not give away a ticket or two for your event to really bump up the buzz?

This will get people hyped up about your upcoming event and you can do this either through a pre-event contest or lucky-dip.

3. Interview speakers who will be at your event

A main reason people attend events is to meet the presenters. And getting exposure is often why many experts speak at events.

In your interview, focus on exploring the expertise of the speaker. This will serve to further heighten the expected impact of the conference and cause your social media audience to become a lot more interested in attending the event

4. Create an event on Facebook

A Facebook event listing provides an easy way for attendees to share your event with their friends. Each time someone shares that they are attending your event it creates the potential to drive more people to your Facebook Page.

A Facebook Event Page is also a channel for asking questions, providing an alternate means of customer service.

This just scratches the surface on how social media can be used in promoting your upcoming events. When integrated efficiently with offline promotions, it can be a powerful means of generating buzz and hype as well as ensuring maximum attendance.

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