How to build your personal brand with Social Media |

How to build your personal brand with Social Media

By now, unless you just fell from the skies, it’s ok to assume many of us have heard about Social Media. Most likely you are reading this through some form of Social media. Yes, many  of us know and use Social Media but do we really know the basic rules of Social Media? For instance, have you ever read the manual for a gadget or device you bought? The whole manual? Most likely not.

The point is; Social Media can be so much fun that we forget it is serious and also has rules.

As boring or interesting as you may wish or want to be, you must also present yourself as an expert or professional in whatever you do, because that’s your selling point.

So the question is….

How do you engage on Social Media? Or in simpler words; how do you present yourself in an interesting and professional manner on Social Media?


  1. 1.Always remember before you press the send button, that your post goes global like…..CNN. Anyone and everyone can see it. Never assume people won’t see it, even with restricted options, screen snaps can be made, so be careful.
  2. 2.Always remember that whatever you post could be forever….Yes, forever. Do a quick search for yourself on Google using your name or username(s) and see what pops up. So let’s say…. You want to run for a public office and you have a Social Media history of…..negativity or self-exaggeration….. Now, how’s that going to help you?
  3. Be sure before making that update that in 10 years from now or then, when your experience and wisdom changes, you will still be able to stand by what you stated, if you’re not sure then don’t upload it or ask an expert who knows better before you post. If you have already made some blunders, try acknowledging and correcting them in an open post before they hunt you down.
  4. 4.Be original; don’t disguise people or organizations without their knowledge. This will catch up with you. Limit yourself to things you are sure of, be authentic with your content, if not include the source.
  5. 5.Never post something you can’t say to someone’s face.
  6. 6.Try not to reveal too much information. This can range from personal, family, career and most importantly – company information. If you are not sure ask an expert who knows better.
  7. 7.Never let emotions drive you to post things without thinking, always think what implication that might have. Many people have been fired for social media recklessness; don’t let this be your case. Try not to make updates while drinking or driving.
  8. 8.When you come across people who seem to be trouble on social media….Like Christopher Paolini wise quote says….. “Because you can’t argue with all the fools in the world. It’s easier to let them have their way, then trick them when they’re not paying attention.”…..So do not engage, ignoring them works.

Hope you have found some of these rules helpful. Get the best off whatever you desire from Social Media and remember….. You are what you share!


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