Does your business seem like an island? The need for social media |

Does your business seem like an island? The need for social media

Do you feel that without your present clientele, you are nothing? Do you ever wish your brand would constantly be in the hearts and on the minds of your customers (with the high level of competition) whenever they walk out your doors?

You are sure you need a way to always make your brand constantly on the minds and hearts of your customers when they are not standing in front of doors.

Happy customers are and would always be the key to great business success, this is the best way you get the customers to refer your brand to other people and the other people to refer you to more people. This creates a web that is far bigger than your local business or office. Don’t forget that you are not the only one getting customers by great customer service, your competition(s) is/are thinking too and may even give a better customer service better than yours.


So the big question is:

How do you get your customers and potential customers to like you so much that you become NUMBER ONE in their eyes & minds?

Build a bridge! Yes, build a bridge that will link directly to every customer that has ever come across your product/service and potential customers who may need your product/service.

People like to share their views or ideas, make their opinions heard, be relevant every time and everywhere, from where they are, to where you are,  give them this every time, the ear that cares, the heart that understands and they are Truly yours. Yes, they also become your word of mouth ambassadors to people you don’t know, in places you’ve never heard of. You can call it best practice in customer service or experience yes, that’s exactly what it is.

But how can you do this sitting in that store/office/geographical point you’re at right now?

Social media is nothing more than talking to people locally and globally, anything you say can be heard by hundreds or thousands of people locally and globally with or without you knowing at little or no cost to you.

The question is: are you ready to take on the social media? Don’t be scared or intimidated by the so-called social media gurus, or individuals with thousands of followers on various social media platforms…There are no social media Gurus, we were all once freshers who had no idea of what to do with this new media that everyone seemed to be talking about, in fact the industry is just a decade plus old, so there’s lots of room for you and your business. Like the popular saying, “There is always a first time”. It’s the frequent usage and learning that will eventually make the difference in our walk with social media. It can be a little frustrating when starting up but don’t get discouraged, it would pay up later. The big 5s of Social Media are Face bookTwitter,LinkedIn, Google plus and You Tube. Start using the social media space to promote your products/services. If you aren’t using any social media platform yet, get more professional advice from consultants on what social media is and how you should approach the social media platforms for best practice and results. Remember Pros lead, AMATEURS RULE!


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