10 ideas to help you incorporate great visual content for Social Media |

10 ideas to help you incorporate great visual content for Social Media

We’ve all heard about that great adage that “a picture is worth more than a thousand words.” Therefore your social media will most certainly not be effective if you are not posting any visual content on your platforms. It’s also not surprising that Facebook images are 12 times more likely to be shared than posts with just links and text and did you know that visual-platform, Pinterest generates more referrals than Twitter and Google+? Brands that want to connect with their audiences now, need to begin to embrace the visual content age. Here are a few ideas on how you can start incorporating more visuals into your digital media marketing.


1.Cover Images

Your cover image is the first chance you have to tell your social media followers what your company is all about. Whether for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or any of the other various platforms available, be sure your cover image is in place, clear, and somehow upholds your company’s message.

2.Twitter Background

Your Twitter background gives you a little bit of room to move. Consider switching the image out on regular occasion to promote contests, introduce new products, or just have some fun with your visual content. And remember, with Twitter rolling out its new profile, you can do even more branding with your page than ever.


These are a great way to share statistics and other relatively boring but important information in a colorful and fun image. Whether you design your own from scratch or use templates, infographics are a valuable item in your collection of visual content.

4.Meet the Staff YouTube Video

Video content is a great way to introduce your staff and show their personalities. Anything that fosters a connection between your company and your fans is a good thing. Another good thing is that you can repurpose the video across several different platforms, and then it will remain on another social media platform—YouTube—to continue generating views.

5.Behind the Scenes Vine

A quick Vine video of your company hard at work can show your customers everything they need to know. Don’t worry about cleaning up and putting on your best clothes, either. The more real you are in your video, the more you’ll relate to your fans. Give shots of the offices, the break room, your warehouse, and maybe a few silly faces.


While the images used over and over might get old, the concept of a meme simply doesn’t. If you can use some of the hottest new images out there and create your own clever marketing tagline, your meme could just go viral.

7. SlideShare

These educational slide shows are another way of sharing lots of information without using the dreaded wall o’ text. Show off some of your latest products, convey statistics, provide how-to instructions, or let your sense of humor shine through with parody slide shows. However you use them, they’re sure to be effective.

8. Instagram Direct

Direct messages through Instagram are also great for sharing offers with specific customers. You might consider targeting your most loyal Instagram followers and send them the messages offering a first look at cool new products, discounts on popular favorites, or even freebies. Rather than being inundated with first-time buyers looking for a good deal, you’ll instead continue building loyalty with customers who’ve been around a while.

9.How-to Videos

Building customer trust is the number one reason for posting content, and nothing does that faster than a how-to video. If the products are easy enough to use without instruction, you might consider posting some tips on new ways to use the items. Maybe you could show buyers how things they already own make your products even better.

10.Testimonial Video

Give your customers a voice by including their video testimonials or reviews. You can either accept videos they make themselves or invite them on site to participate in a video production. Either way, they’ll be thrilled to be a part of your company if even for just a day.


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